Understanding Indoctrination and Aquiring Devotion


This is the research portion of my year long praxis project about cults. This portion of the project was framed through the lens of creating a package which people interested in starting their own church would purchase to learn about new religious movements of the past. The goal of this project was to catalog cults of the past, summarize their beliefs, history and practices, discuss how cults have historically marketed themselves visually, and break down how to successfully proselytize and indoctrinate people into a church.

Inspired by the material of old religious organizations I created a VHS, saddle stitched booklets, and a belly band package holding them together. Theoretically, this would be available through mail order.

Above are a couple of the many, many documents found researching which inspired the design and approach.

I am a graphic designer born and raised in rural Manitoba.

I don’t actually hate design, I just like to pretend to be subversive. I really like type and I love learning new things.

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