Plug In ICA


Evaluating where Plug In is now revealed a few challenges that I felt important to address. At the moment, the Plug In feels to daunting and almost intimidating to people unfamiliar or outside the art world. Another issue to address is that their logo feels too digital. While once representative of them, it longer feels representative of their programming. Making the identity more reflective of the sort of work they display is very important. With these challenges in mind, I created an identity which feels more energetic, bright and creative.

Inspired by the fact that all the art displayed at Plug In is viewed within the context and through the lens of Plug In, the bitmapped photographs rest inside blown up shapes of the logo.

As a new form of exhibition flyer and poster format, I created an 18x24 poster that folds up into a booklet.

The logo created is modular, meaning that there are multiple drawings of the logo that can be mixed, matched and created as time goes on or for different exhibitions. For an art gallery that is always changing, and getting new art, a logo that’s always shifting and changing reflects that.

As part of the Plug In’s hypothetical rebrand, I created a series of screenprinted posters in a variety of colourways.

I am a graphic designer born and raised in rural Manitoba.

I don’t actually hate design, I just like to pretend to be subversive. I really like type and I love learning new things.

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