Jimmy is a experimental display typeface which builds off a brand and logo developed collaboratively with fellow designer Brent Fisher for a brand called Davis.

We created this brand with the vision of a brand which sells itself through nostalgic confusion, recontextualizing absurd creepy imagery, and using tacky ugly aesthetics under a self-serious veneer. The brand and typeface are cryptic, a little bit illegible, and purposefully abrasive.

The brand and what it will sell are still under wraps, so the following expressions are a variety of visual experiments to show the font in use.

Alternates were made for each letter, allowing words or sentences to be easily bookended, echoing the body of the logo it’s based on.

I am a graphic designer born and raised in rural Manitoba.

I don’t actually hate design, I just like to pretend to be subversive. I really like type and I love learning new things.

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