HyperBorean Fellowship


This is the second part of my year long praxis project. Click here to see the first component research.

After completing the research project looking into cults, how they gain followers and the structure of their beliefs, I came to a lot of interesting conclusions which helped me better understand cults, but also marketing, branding and design. In order to apply what I learned, I decided to well…create my own cult. A cult that learns both from the mistakes cults have made in the past, and takes tips from what they’ve done well.

To build out the background of the cult, explaining who the leader is, the art direction, branding, writing and package design I created a perfect bound book and package containing the cults clothing that would be given to new members. The book breaks down the beliefs, structure of the organization, ranking system, and practices. I wrote, took all the photos for, and designed the entire document.

I am a graphic designer born and raised in rural Manitoba.

I like to create meaningful and cool design. I'm always learning and willing to try something new.

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