Hyperborean Fellowship

Identity Design and Art Direction

This is part two of my yearlong praxis design project. View part one here.

Through completing a project researching cults, how they gain followers and the structure of their beliefs, I uncovered some valuable insights. While helping better understand the cultural phenomenon of cults, I was also able to learn a lot of marketing, branding, and design lessons. In order to apply what I learned, what else was I to do but… create my own cult.

Past religious movements have been most successful when they have a cause to fight for, but also when they are in tune culturally / visually. Knowing this, the cause the HyperBorean Fellowship pulls people in with is the fight against climate change. They purposefully target young people with climate change anxiety. To the public, they appear as an eccentric and vaguely spiritual political group. In reality, the group is led by a man who believes he's been anointed God by our alien creators, and believes the power of cold will help humanity evolve. By working to end climate change they are preventing the destruction of humanity and helping humanity ascend.

The idea for the “HyperBorean Fellowship” is based in Greek mythology. HyperBorea is the land beyond the north wind, and is home to the land of the HyperBorean giants. Once the members of the Fellowhip evolve they will create the land of HyperBorea and will become the metaphorical “giants” written about in mythology.

The logomark represents the seven stars of the constellation Pleiades which the alien creators come from. The seven stars come together as a snowflake representing the cold so important to evolution.

To build the art direction, branding, and package design I created an introduction kit, website, business cards, application forms, and a promotional video.

The introduction kit contains the Fellowship’s clothing and a book outlining the beliefs and mission of the cult only revealed to those who have been accepted.

Above is the promo video advertising the Fellowship.

To promote the organization to potential recruits and rally existing members, this is a promotional video meant to be used as an advertisement and spread amongst members. The video would be used as a targetted Google and YouTube ad. To attract the type of people interested in spirituality and social justice, the video is mysterious, inspiring, and a bit campy.