Flash Photographic is a Winnipeg photography festival dedicated to celebrating local photography, through a series of over 52 gallery openings, lectures, and events taking place throughout the month of October. This is a hypothetical rebrand I created.

Because the event is about celebrating photographers and a poster would haveto be made for each gallery opening and event, I created a logo and image that could be applied to each photographers work. That way it would be easy to generate numerous posters all on brand, and display their work.

A big thank you to Lori Atchinson, Colin Corneau, and Kurt Anos for allowing me to use their photography for this assignment. Lori Atchinson is responsible for the photo of the girl in the theme graphics. Kurt Anos and Colin Corneau are credited on their gallery opening posters.

I am a graphic designer born and raised in rural Manitoba.

I don’t actually hate design, I just like to pretend to be subversive. I really like type and I love learning new things.

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