Uber Explainer

Animation / Explainer Video

This is a hypothetical explainer animation created to rally support behind Uber in Winnipeg. Targetting younger people who might be invested in Uber coming to the city, this animation explains the benefits of Uber and encourages public backing of Uber.

Who Is America

TV Intro

Who Is America is a tv show created by Sacha Baron Cohen. It pokes fun at the state of American politics in the current age and showcases much of the rampant stupidity taking America by storm. Inspired by the fact the U.S is basically a circus going up flames, I created a new logo for the show and an animated title sequence based off it.

HyperBorean Fellowship Promo

Promotional Video

A hypothetical promo video advertising the HyperBorean Fellowship, a fictional cult I created.

To promote the organization to potential recruits and rally existing members, this is a promotional video meant to be used as an advertisement and spread amongst members. The video would be used as a targetted Google and YouTube ad. To attract the type of people interested in spirituality and social justice, the video is mysterious, inspiring, and a bit campy.